Kill that awful DNS assist from Optimum Online…


Our ISP’s are directing more and more traffic to their own “DNS assist” services — probably to garner more in advertising at the expense of our convenience and time. Optimum Online for one provides an “opt-out” — and it’s about as useless as tits on a goose. (I made their opt-out page my home page for a while, but even selecting it every time I logged in didn’t deter the money grubbing nasties at Optimum. They know their business I can tell you, and despite the clear “opt out” from me, Optimum’s DNS assistant somehow crept back under the tent even during an online session begun with a resounding “opt out” click. Somehow they “forgot” what I wanted and imposed what they wanted.)

Anyway — if you have no other option, you too can find the page to opt out your ISP’s DNS “assistant” service by searching the term “<your ISP name here> DNS assist opt out”, which for Optimum brings you to my old home page:

“Old home page?” I hear you ask. Yes — because there is a permanent and wholly reliable means to never see a DNS page from your ISP ever again: Change your DNS provider to a third party who does not do the nasty “assist” thing. Here’s an example:

  1. Log into your home (perhaps wireless) router: (usually) (you may have to copy and paste this URL)
  2. Search around for where it allows you to specify your Domain Name Server (DNS) Address
  3. Unselect the option “Get Automatically from ISP”/ Select “Use These DNS Servers”
  4. For “Primary DNS” enter; for “Secondary DNS” enter
  5. Click “Apply”/ “Save”/ “Update” or whatever.

Say goodbye to DNS Assist. (My home page is back to something a little more calming.)

The DNS server addresses you input above are provided by OpenDNS; Google and a few others provide similar services — you can search for them online with the term “open DNS server”. There is no guarantee that they won’t be recording your every webpage visit, but then again your ISP probably already collects that information on you anyway.

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Authorities Find Body Believed to Be Mt. Rainier Shooting Suspect (deconstructed)

Authorities Find Body Believed to Be Mt. Rainier Shooting Suspect
The man suspected of killing a ranger at Mount Rainier National Park in Washington State is believed to have been found dead, according to police.

Authorities located a body face-down in the snow without any identification, but believe it to be Benjamin Colton Barnes, 24, the sole suspect in Sunday’s shooting, according to a Twitter posting from Washington State Patrol spokesman Guy Gill.

Barnes was being tracked by ground and aerial search crews for the shooting death of 34-year-old ranger Margaret Anderson, who tried to block his path when Barnes sped past a checkpoint in the park Sunday morning. Barnes fired shots at Anderson and another ranger before fleeing into the park’s wilderness. The other ranger was not injured.

The park ranger “tried to block his path”. No mention of why.  Was their attempt to prevent Barnes going about his private business a lawful and peaceful attempt?  Given that he had to shoot his way through & past them, I suspect that it was not — and that there is more to this story than the police are putting out.

Shortly before the discovery of the body, police said they had been honing in on Barnes’ location by following his footprints in chest-deep snow. Authorities said he had some survival training and appeared to be moving in and out of river beds to avoid being followed. Police said they did not know whether he had enough supplies to continue outpacing them.

“some survival training”. Hmm.. OF COURSE he had been given survival training BY THE GUMMINT — he was a soldier!! Here are some of the army’s own field manuals on the subject:

More than 100 agents from the National Park Service, state police, FBI, and local sheriff’s departments had descended on the park to help the search efforts.

Funny how they flock when one of the sheeple shoots back.

Authorities had gathered 125 campers that were in the park Sunday into a visitors center, where they were held under police watch overnight. The visitors were evacuated in the dark early this morning.

I wonder how these 125 people took to being arrested .. I mean ‘placed under police watch’, only to be smuggled out under cover of darkness ‘for their own protection’ of course. Did the park police ‘order’ them into custody — or did they just scare the bejesus out of them to persuade them to go voluntarily?

Three small groups of hikers who were making an ascent of the mountain remained in the park.

Perhaps these ones declined to be arrested. They sound like a fairly competent bunch.

Barnes is a military veteran who has a history of criminal violence, including threatening the mother of his child with guns during a bitter custody battle, according to court documents obtained by ABC News.

Let’s rephrase this a little, so it reads “Barnes, whose wife left him during his deployment, then took his children and shacked up with another man, has repeatedly attempted through the courts to stop Barnes from seeing his children, and stop Barnes’s children from knowing their father. Barnes — who loves his child more than anything else in the world, took the only steps remaining to him in a last-ditch effort to see his child, having to resort to the use of a gun to persuade the child’s mother to allow him to see his child.

The mother, using the courts and the local government-employed enforcers, has had Barnes deprived of his drivers license, has had the court forcibly empty Barnes’s bank account into her own, has repeatedly caused Barnes irreparable emotional harm by forcibly separating him from his child.” Now — that is probably a more accurate picture of “a bitter custody battle”.

Police had been searching the snowy park since early Sunday, using infrared radar, aircraft and ground units to try and track the suspect. Lee Taylor, a spokeswoman for the park, said 111 law enforcement officers from the National Park Service, U.S. Forest Service, Washington State Patrol, FBI, and Pierce and Louis counties are assisting in the search.

The police have infra-red radar? Oh — I forgot, the police have lots of military-grade weapons now, provided by the Federal gummint:

We should weep for Mr. Barnes — and the tens of thousands like him who are hunted away from their children every year by capricious and malevolent mothers armed with the power of the state.

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Mother Kills Intruder Breaking Into Her Home While on Phone With 911

Mother Kills Intruder Breaking Into Her Home While on Phone With 911


1.) You were in fear for your life
2.) You want to speak to your lawyer
3.) You feel faint & you want to go to the hospital

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Summary of All of my Cancer Cure & Prevention Resources

Prompted by a review of Crazy Sexy Cancer on Amazon, [here:], this is a summary of all of my resources on cancer.

I read that review because an old girlfriend reconnected with me yesterday to tell me she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. She told that she had tried to read Crazy Sexy Cancer, but was having a hard time dealing with everything — and it sounded from your review that you knew a little bit of what that might feel like. Since you posted your email address in your review, I am presuming, but I thought I might drop you a line.

A few years ago I was given a CD recording called “World Without Cancer”, a speech given by Edward Griffin. At the time, an old room-mate from Ireland, and my beautiful cousin Fiona had just both just had cancer diagnoses. We eventually lost Fiona. It was heartbreaking. Listening to the CD as a starting point, it prompted my own investigations into cancer, treatments and how to survive it and never get it again. What I found in that investigation is what I want to share with you now. What I discovered was that almost all cancers can be cured.

I don’t have cancer — I hope I never will. But if ever I get cancer, these are the resources I would use to get me over it.

In fact — only yesterday, I heard the most insightful thing I ever said about cancer:  Cancer is a symptom.

So — if it is a symptom, what is cancer a symptom of? Cancer is the same as a goiter, a wart or a pimple. We definitely want to remove the wart, but after it goes away and we’d also like it never to come back. I’m all about making it go away and never coming back. To do that, I think we need to address the problems underlying the cancer symptom.

There are various theories as to the underlying causes of the cancer symptom.  One theory is that normal, natural and healthy trophoblast cells go bad, and become cancerous. (This is the founding theory in “World Without Cancer” — linked for you [here:; I haven’t asked his permission, but I think Edward Griffin would give his okay.) So, if we have trophoblasts — or even adult cells — going cancerous, the questions are “why cancer?” and from the answers to that question, then “what to do about it?”.

There are two leading opinions as to why cancers appear. The first is that the body is too acid; the second is that the body is insufficiently oxygenated at the tissue level. (These are not mutually exclusive by the way.)

Cancer cells do appear to thrive in acidic environments — and die away quickly in alkaline environments. Since the body is most healthily with a mildly alkaline pH — it makes some sense that cancers might appear as the symptom of an over-acidic body pH. (More about this acidosis can be found [here:

Cancer cells also appear to have different cell-membrane chemistry that gives their cells different electrical polarity to that of normal cells.  This may be one reason that compounds that are toxic to cancer cells do not harm (or are helpful to) normal cells.

Cancer cells appear to be anaerobic metabolisers; that means that they live and thrive without oxygen. Some suggest that the reason cancer appears is that it is a cell’s attempt to survive in an environment of oxygen deficiency.  In support of this observation is that a by-product of their anaerobic metabolism is their production of a relatively large amount of lactic & pyretic acids — perhaps further contributing to the acidic pH in and around tumour sites.

Understand that the body in full health has no cancers. Our bodies are fully equipped to heal themselves of everything — and they do until the immune system is overwhelmed, and a cancer grows.

Everything I have read, listened or watched about successful cancer treatment point to knocking down the cancer and accelerating the body’s immune system to a condition of full function.  Usually these steps are one and the same.

Get rid of the cancer
This is not a journey I would want to undertake alone. So, I would be sure to have a ‘journey mate’ or ‘treatment bud’ — someone to keep me going in the rough times, or just keep me going even if it’s not too rough!

Anyway — please watch or listen to these videos & audios; they will help accelerate you through the materials that got me to my current understanding of cancer — and how to get rid of it. The first is a short documentary about a series of doctors and lay-people who have discovered ways to cuss cancer. From what I can see they are all addressing the issues of acidosis, oxygen deficiency and boosting the body’s immune system enough to continue the path to full health. You can watch the entire video “Cancer: the Forbidden Cures” on Vimeo [here:

In addition to a treatment ‘journey mate’, it’s so important to have a doctor — or doctors — who can cure you, not just treat the cancer symptom.  Two great doctors who cure people are Bert Berkson in TX/ NM and Nicholas Gonzalez in NY. Another important doctor is Brian Peskin; his website is below. Peskin has an important book “The Hidden Story of Cancer”; this book is expensive, but it gives a very thorough description of Peskin’s theory of cancer, the biochemistry of cancers underlying his theory, a prescription to get rid of the cancer, and how to stay cancer-free thereafter.  Peskin is a wonderful resource, and his book is a MUST HAVE.

Dr. Burt Berkson
He is a huge proponent of alpha-lipoic acid (a wonderful anti-oxidant) and does highly individualized treatment programs. I bought his book — linked below — and found it informative and helpful. He has also embraced the use of Naltrexone in super-low doses as a means of boosting the immune system to help the body overcome the cancer itself.

Berkson resources
Website: [here:
Interview: The Mary Bradley Show; Dr Burt Berkson spoke about his success with Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN) and Intravenous Alpha Lipoic Acid (ALA) for liver disease and pancreatic cancer in particular. Link: [here:

Book: The Alpha Lipoic Acid Breakthrough: The Superb Antioxidant That May Slow Aging, Repair Liver Damage, and Reduce the Risk of Cancer, Heart Disease, and Diabetes (Paperback.) Link: [here:

Dr. Nicholas Gonzales
Like Berkson — he has been successfully treating cancer, especially pancreatic cancer (a most virulent kind of cancer) with a medico-nutritional approach. His approach boils down to body detoxification, supplementing with pancreatic enzymes and other immune-system support. It’s hard when you have to go through it, but following these steps to knock down you cancer seems rather simple.

Gonzales resources
Website: [here:
Interview: On the Kim Greenhouse Show, discussing why Steve Jobs really died, Dr. Gonzales goes through his treatment philosophy, practical steps and history of success — and why: [here:

Dr. Brian Peskin
“He begins with the discoveries of Nobel Prize-winning biochemist Otto Warburg, M.D., Ph.D. describing the prime cause of cancer, how the American medical community confirmed it, and how today’s cancer physicians & oncology journals are aware of it, but have no idea how to solve the problem. The great news is the prime cause of cancer is NOT genetic like you have been told. Empty “promises of hope in the future” are no longer required. Cancer DOES NOT have to be in yours or your loved ones future. Prof. Peskin has single-handedly discovered the solutions to Dr. Warburg’s “equations” and physicians praise this seminal work.”

Peskin resources
Website: [here:
Interview: [here:
Book: Hidden Story of Cancer: [here: This book is expensive — expect to pay about $75 for it or $25 in Kindle/ ePub format — but buy it anyway, IT IS WORTH IT.

Stop it coming back
It’s worth noting that animals in nature — and human beings in more primitive circumstances, do not get cancer. So it that there must be circumstances in our modern circumstances of living that contribute greatly to causing cancer. (In fact, a veterinarian, Joel Wallach makes that observation in one of he audios I will link for you below.)

Wallach resources
Joel Wallach — Minerals in Nutrition, mainly about how we have gotten to such a point of ill-health in the first place — and how to get out health back! Part 1:
Part 2:

Cancer: the Forbidden Cures – Full Documentary:

World Without Cancer – G. Edward Griffin:

Why Steve Jobs Really Died (Gonzales interview):

Enzyme Therapy and Cancer (Gonzales’ website):

Beating Cancer With Nutrition – Qunlan audio book:

90 Year-Old Powerful Natural Cancer Therapy You’ve Probably Never Heard Of (Gerson Therapy):

Anticancer – A New Way Of Life – David Servan <too big to link here; very good “cancer survivor journey”>

Flechas IODINE links (parts 1 to 3 of 3):

Brownstein IODINE links (parts 1 to 3 of 3):


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Wheat is Murder (apparently)

“Over the past 50 years, wheat has been genetically altered by Big Food companies. The reason is simple: Genetically altered wheat means bigger yields and bigger profits for Big Food companies.

That’s good for them but bad for you, because along the way, “modern” wheat developed a biochemical makeup that turns the human body into a metabolic mess.

“Modern” wheat causes weight gain. Diabetes. Faster aging. High blood pressure. Even headaches, rashes, adult acne, and weak bones.”

These interviews about wheat — and it depredations to health — are slightly technical, but well worth the time spent to listen. The interviews are similar but different; both are conducted by skilled interviewers and the interviews end up being quite complementary:


In the Greenhouse interview they reference a book on Hashimoto’s Syndrome and iodine by David Brownstein “Iodine: Why you need it, Why you can’t live without it.” Here is the Amazon link:

Without prejudice — UCC 1-308. All rights reserved.

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the benefits of vulnerability (TED talk)

Brene Brown — speaks on the benefits of vulnerability

This talk is very much in-tune with what Stefan Molyneux calls “real-time relationships”. Though I found the phraseology in Molyneux’s title a bit confusing, he is saying the same thing as the woman in Maggie’s TED speech: “you will be happier and you will make the people around you happier if you tell the people close to you how you really feel” (and become vulnerable in the process). Great stuff!

Molyneux’s Website:

Real-Time Relationships: The Second Reading (Molyneux’s introducing the ideas in the book.)

Real-Time Relationships: Entire audio-book [AUDIO BOOK (MP3)]

Michael — you are knowledgeable in the realm of Molyneux’s work, feel free to jump in if I am off base — or in case there is anything to add.

Again — thanks Maggie.

Merry Christmas & a Happy and Prosperous New Year to everyone!


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Electrosmog, Wi-Fi, Cellphone Radiation, Microwaves

from red ice creations: interview with Walter Graham (thanks Andres!)


“Speaker and researcher Walter Graham join us for a very interesting and important discussion on Wi-Fi (wireless internet), microwaves, cell phone radiation and electro smog. Topics Discussed: The frequency of microwave ovens and the frequency of Wi-Fi, the rise of Electro smog in recent years, how does microwaves behave, “Hot Spot”, Orange, Health issues related to cell phone towers, global coverage, schools getting new laptops with Wi-Fi, Microwave weaponry, microwaving your food, Melatonin levels, depression, blood brain barrier, mercury, toxins, DNA damage, fertility problems, male sperm count is down, cell phone radiation connected with symptoms close to Alzheimer’s disease (swish cheese brain), Bees die off, DECT Phones, Solutions: Faraday cage, the sounds of the Wi-Fi with a Electro smog Detector and much more. We continue our discussion with Walter Graham and expand change gears and talk about fluoride. Is it good or bad to fluoridate the water, what about fluoride in toothpaste? What is the history of fluoride, and what is the science behind it? Don’t miss our very important subscriber interview with Walter Graham.”

Electrosmog, Wi-Fi, Cellphone Radiation, Microwaves
Pt. 1:
Pt. 2:
Pt. 3:

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